Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven Review

Over the past century, cast iron has proved to be an ideal material for long lasting and easy to use appliances. The Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven is one such appliance that provides a reliable pot while camping. With cast iron cookware having been around for over a century experience has helped transform the oven from a simple cooking appliance to a multipurpose appliance hence no need of multiple appliances while camping.

This deep dutch oven easily handles different types of recipes resulting in tasty and appealing meals for the party. The cast iron used in creation of the oven enables it to distribute heat evenly ensuring food is well cooked. This is alongside ability to preserve heat for longer periods of time keeping the food prepared warm for long duration’s. Its tight lid ensures no smoke or other foods contaminate the food during the cooking process leading to preparation of healthy meals.

A product created by lodge family, the pot has undergone numerous improvements designed to make it more conducive to both indoor and outdoor applications. With a rich history of cast iron cookware, the American manufacturer always maintains high standards in cooking appliances and providing campers with the best and manageable appliances for the occasion.

Why choose the deep version over its predecessor

Lodge Deep Camp Dutch oven represents a modern creation that has evolved through the years. The new feature that stands out on this oven is the deep feature. Unlike its predecessor, it comes with a depth of 5 inches which is 1.25 inches more. This means it has capacity to handle more content and in such can be used to feed more.

Product Features

  • Created of strong cast iron and this makes it strong enough to last through decades of use.
  • It’s versatile and can be used for a wide range of recipes and in such way there is no need for multiple pots to prepare different meals during the camping period. This is irrespective of whether the meal is to be baked, roasted, simmered or frying.
  • Created with a non-stick surface that makes it easy to clean irrespective of the meal prepared using the pot.
  • Fitted with three sturdy legs that make it possible to space the oven over hot coal. The legs also make it easy to position the pot in an appropriate and stable location at the campsite.
  • A heavy gauge wire is used to hand the oven over the hearth or campfire hence no need to create extra fire when preparing meals. This makes handling of the pot easier even in instances food is contained inside.

Caring For the Oven

Being a seasoned cast iron product, the oven has capacity to last for years. However, this is only possible if adequate care is observed in use and maintenance. While cooking, it is important to avoid utensils that cause scratches on the pots surface. Wood and silicone utensils are the recommended options to use. With its easy to clean features, it is important to avoid soap and detergents. These corrode the seasoning while removing oils stuck on the pot’s surface. Removing season affects the food quality and taste when the pot is used.


Having fun is among the key reasons behind camping. With lodge deep camp Dutch oven, food preparation becomes part of the fun. Ability to conserve heat and even distribution while cooking, are among the features that ensure there are with desirable results. This comes alongside the extra space that provides more room for food preparation. Lodge deep camp Dutch oven is the perfect choice to seek for camping purposes.

Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven

Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven

Lid inverts to be used as griddle.


Lifetime warranty.


USA manufactured.


Easy Claening.



  • Easy to clean and handle in food preparation.
  • Available in three distinct sizes, there is an option to choose one that perfectly fits to the number in the party. Available sizes include 10, 12 and 14.
  • The cast iron material used in its production is great in heat retention hence less power consumption and keeping food warm for longer.
  • Compatible with a range of heat sources including campfire, grill, and the stove among others making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Provided while seasoned and in such way capable of handling all foods including those with high acidic content.


  • Cast iron is heavy and this makes the pot heavy to carry around.
  • If not well seasoned, acidic foods results in discoloration and a metallic taste an effect from the stripped seasoning.

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