Lodge Camp Dutch Oven Review

When you buy a Lodge Camp Dutch Oven, you are looking at an heirloom for generations to come as oppose to just another cast iron pot. Joseph Lodge the founder of premium iron cookware started his American legacy in 1896. Lodge continuous manufacturing this multi-functional cookware to food enthusiasts, campers, cooks, scouts and kitchen chefs.

Top Features

Loop Handles: The loop handles make handling the heavy, filled and hot pot easy to move and carry around. The gauge wire bale makes it great when you want to hang the pot over the campfire, hearth or in the oven.

Snug Fitting and Flanged Lid: The lid has a tight fitting lid with no nutrients, steam, or heat escaping from the cooking pot. It is versatile as it can be used as griddle by inverting the lid. Furthermore is the lid flanged which makes placing hot coals on the lid possible when you want to roast, stew or bake foods or deserts.

Multi-Functional: This Dutch oven is diverse and does frying, roasting, braising, simmering, sautéing, searing and baking equally well. You can use it in varied heat sources from conventional ovens, to grills and campfires with equally great success.


  • Lasts a life-time with quality crafted cast iron
  • Easy to clean
  • Multi-functional
  • Ready to use as pre-seasoned cookware
  • Used indoors and outdoors with varied heat sources from induction, electric and gas stoves as well as on the grill, on the stove or in the oven or its intended use, over coals.


  • Available in three sizes, 8”, 10”, and 12”
  • Three integrated legs of one and �-inches in length
  • The 6-Quart oven is 3.75-inches in depth with a twelve-inch diameter
  • Lifetime warranty
  • USA manufactured
  • Its lid inverts to be used as griddle.

Customer Reviews

An interesting factor that is worth noticing and mentioning is what customers who have purchased and used this pot say about it. Reviews say a lot about the quality and pros and cons of a product as we all know. This specific Dutch oven is clearly a recommended purchase when seeing what others say. On Amazon alone is 410 reviews with 4.8 out of 5 stars, with ninety percent of consumers giving it a five-star accolade. Three consumers who gives it three stars use complaints such as a cracked pot, which was replaced by the manufacturer and another says his lid allowed steam to escape and he had to place a brick on top, but the food tasted amazing.

Useful Tips on Using and Cleaning the Dutch Oven

Picking a size is simple as an eight-inch would be great for deserts. The eight and ten-inch pots are ideal for two to four people, while the twelve-inch is great for larger families and groups.

When someone refers to cast iron seasoning, it is not reference to flavor, but the finish added to the cookware. Even though this pot come ready to use and pre-seasoned it is necessary to continuously touch up seasoning in order to remain shiny and black inside.

Lodge recommends not using soap when cleaning the pot, however in some circumstances most users do use soap when needed without any adverse effects. However, use a plastic scrubber and never metal as it scratches the seasoning glaze. If you cooked and something is sticky, try filling the pot with water and heat it until boiling point then use a long handle scrubber to get rid of stickiness. Using soap is fine as long as you do not immerse the pot in soapy water, but applying soap directly to the scrubber. Never let it air dry and do not wash it in a dishwasher either, but towel dry and apply a thin layer of oil.

The Lodge Camp Dutch Oven with its tight fitting lid that locks in flavor and nutrients does incredibly well when making slow-cooking meals. Superior quality cast iron makes it a sturdy, indestructible piece that lasts for centuries. Finding a cast iron pot in an antique store is nothing strange and this pot will stay in your family for generations. It is pre-seasoned with even heat distribution, while it retains heat after cooking in keeping meals warmer for longer. Equally useful in the kitchen you can use it in your oven, over hot coals when camping or enjoy a backyard BBQ.

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven

Lid inverts to be used as griddle.


Lifetime warranty.


USA manufactured.


Easy Claening.



  • Easy to care for with hand washing, followed by drying and seasoning with oil.
  • The more cast iron is used, the better it becomes as each time you use it and season it, and the seasoning improves the pot. Seasoning is done with a thin layer of oil applied after cleaning and drying.
  • Cast iron takes a longer period to heat up; however, heat transferring is evenly without spotting while retaining heat much longer than traditional cookware.
  • It does not wear out like other cookware as cast iron improves with regular use, while food tastes better in cast iron.
  • Lodge Cast iron pot, pans, and skillets are of higher quality and standard compared to other bands.


  • The tripod legs are great for outdoor use over the coals or on a grill, but at the same time difficult for using in conventional ovens, but you can maneuver the legs to fit into the grill rack.
  • Some people complain about black flakes coming from the interior, but that is seasoning that wears off. Campchef.com has great instructional videos on doing re-seasoning of cast iron.

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