Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven Review

camp chef deluxe dutch ovenSeeking for an outstanding cooking experience during your outdoor activities? Look no further than Camp Chef Deluxe Oven. Made of seasoned cast iron, the oven is easy to use and maintain making the camping experience more enjoyable. The oven is fitted with three legs that make it easy to set and keep it stable during the cooking process. These great products are available in three distinct sizes that include 10 (4 Quart), 12 (6 Quart) and 14 (8 Quart) all from the renown brands by camp chef. High quality and reliable service are the best terms to define the oven. Camp chef is a leading manufacturer of outdoor cooking equipment that are created from deep research and experience making each of the new appliances better.

Where To Use The Product

All of camp chef ovens are created for outdoor applications. As such, they form one of the basic appliances that anyone may require during a family camping or out with friends. Versatility in usage is one of its great features that enable the party to make different meals using the oven or the lid which is easy to transform to other uses tracking temperatures and ensuring the food in cooking process gets only adequate temperatures is also possible a factor through a thermometer slot. This makes it ideal for use in all areas of camping irrespective of the type of food to be prepared.

Product Features

– The oven has a deep-dish lid that allows airflow. This ensures the food is cooked evenly. It doubles up as a serving trivet or a skillet. The lids added depth also creates more room for to fit extra food hence ensuring there is adequate for the whole party.
– With its own feet, the lid can also be transformed in to a griddle to prepare eggs, pancakes hence reduces the need to tag along multiple cooking appliances.
– Fitted with an inbuilt slot to insert the thermometer that helps track temperatures without removing the lid. This reduces heat loss and converts to faster cooking time.
– Provided with a free lift tool that makes it easy to handle the hot cast iron.
– Come in an ideal size measuring 30.5 x 30.5 x 20.3 cm and weighing only 9.5 kg. this makes it easy to carry along during any outdoor activities and in such way without being an unnecessary baggage.
– Designed for use with open fire, the oven provides an opportunity to make tasty meals using traditional method making the camping session and cooking fun.
– A retainer on the top lid provides space for charcoal and in such way even distribution of heat while cooking.


– Easy to handle, use and maintain. Requires open fire to cook and its easy to clean
– Provides an opportunity to make one-time meals enhanced by the large space in the oven and the extra on the deep lid.
– Enhanced safety while cooking through use of lifter provided hence no fear of burns from the hot cast iron. This also makes it easy to carry the pot from the fire to the table even when hot.
– Ease in keeping track of temperatures while cooking through the slot created on the oven.
– Heats quickly and as well maintains the heat making the cooking process faster and as well reduce the amount of charcoal or firewood required.
– Easy to pack while taking trips and its multiple uses reduces the luggage to carry along hence more room for other items.


– The surface of the oven is uneven and rough hence not appealing.
– The uneven surface makes the cleaning process harder despite cast iron being an easy to clean material.
– Jagged edges on the uneven surfaces also pose the risk of cuts and other injuries while cleaning.


Camp Chef Deluxe Oven is a great appliance for campers. Not only is it easy to use but also ensures there is fun in the cooking process. Whether out with family or friends, the oven is adequate to cook enough owing to its large space that is further enhanced by the lid. More to this, the lid can be used for a variety of other cooking essentials such as a pan or for serving and this reduces the number of appliances and utensils, you require to carry along. If camping is your thing, then give this awesome oven a chance and you will realize the wide range of benefits that come along.

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